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Enter the Green Giants

Posted by in blog, Homepage August 21, 2015

What do Brazil’s largest beauty brand, America’s second-fastest growing restaurant chain and one of 2015’s hottest stocks have in common?

The answer will surprise you. The companies displaying these extraordinary results have succeeded while defying conventional business wisdom.

What unites Natura, Chipotle, the Toyota Prius and Tesla Motors (as well as IKEA, Whole Foods, Unilever, GE’s Ecomagination and Nike Flyknit) is this: each of them now commands over a billion dollars in annual revenue from a business line with sustainability or social good at its core.

These are the Green Giants – nine companies that have succeeded in building wildly successful businesses while selling products and services designed to help us live happier, healthier, more environmentally conscious lives. Together they represent over $100 billion in annual revenue and outperform their competitors in the stock market by 11%.

How have they overturned prevailing business wisdom—and succeeded where so many others failed? How have they become successful businesses by any standard— not just the standard of sustainable business?

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Futerra US CEO Freya Williams’ new book – ‘Green Giants – How smart companies turn sustainability into billion dollar businesses’

You can see Freya being interviewed about the book on BNN here.

You can hear Freya being interviewed about the book on Bloomberg’s Advantage Podcast here.

The book’s stand-alone website is hereGreenGiants2

You can buy it here.

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