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10 sexiest environmental ‘campaigns’ ever…

Posted by in blog, Homepage October 10, 2014

Something for the weekend sir? It’s Friday and the fabulous Futerrans have been working feverishly this week on a big campaign involving trees (no clues). During one discussion yesterday the legendary (and original?) ‘eco-porn’ campaign ‘Fuck for Forest’, ahem, ‘came up’. For grizzled veterans such as myself their reputation precedes them, but it was interesting that many younger members of the gang here had not heard of the ‘Forest Fuckers’. Their slogan ‘We cum to save the world’ is bold enough, but these guys and girls have been pioneering raunchy and radical activism for over a decade. And this got us thinking, what are the ten sexiest environmental campaigns ever? So here, in an entirely arbitary fashion and in no particular order, is our selection of the pertest, most provocative and titillating pieces of green communication ever. Some of these are possibly ‘NSFW’. In which case change your job so you can watch great creativity without conscience…

1. Greenpeace’s ‘Forest Love’: Barking mad little film of quivering leaves, twitching branches, caresses, tweaks and many other forms of arboreal amour. Guaranteed to give you wood.

2. The Vegetarian Society ‘Rude Food’: All time classic clip of firm ripe vegetables, steamy moments, dripping asparagus spears and peas popping perkily from their pods. Visual euphemism at it’s finest.

3. Fiat 500 ‘Electric Sexy’: The cutest compact Italian car gets sexy sparks flying…maybe with future driver-less cars there’ll be a lot more of this type of thing?

4. AXE ‘Shower-pooling’: Relatively tame considering the brand and where they could have gone with this, but still, hot, soapy, wet shower action and water saving combined. What’s not to like?

5. Isabella Rossellini’s ‘Green Porno’: Brilliantly bonkers series of celebrations of biodiversity and nature’s bewildering sexual techniques from this amazing actress. Hurt me with your love dart baby.

6. Midttrafik’s ‘The Bus’: Sharp pastiche that asks what if we marketed public transport the way we market cars? Bigger, better, faster, longer…more. Hmmmmmm.

7. PETA’s ‘Veggie Love’: Starting to look worryingly dated, this ‘banned’ Superbowl ad, is still perhaps the most erotic use of a brassica stalk in some time.

8. PETA’s ‘Stay firm and fresh’: We’re not sexist, so this ad hopefully balances the above one…but also reveals the inherent ridiculous comedy of the male genitalia. Sexy? Not sure. Funny? Definitely.

9. Futerra’s ’50 Shades of Green’: OK not a campaign as such, but a wry take on the eponymous S&M ‘classic’ – with all the appalling cliche, strained syntax and cheap breathlessness of the original.

10. Keeley Hazell ‘Turn on to turn off’: Reaching audiences other energy efficiency campaigns are unlikely to reach, Keeley reveals all to turn us on to turning off.

So there you have it. Hot environmentalism. What have we missed? What super sexy sizzling sauciness has eluded us? Suggestions welcome. Go on, make us an indecent proposal.


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